Seriously. All I want is coffee, bread, cheese and chocolate chip cookies. Comfort, sugar and caffeine please! You know its bad when you wake up on Saturday morning and the coffee just makes your headache worse.

So. I'm taking on the Detox! When my system is acidic, I can usually right her course with a green juice or some coconut water. Clearly, I've taken it too far this time! I also know that wheat grass will make me feel worse than lightening struck, so I decided to cheat.

I got up and get my bike down and head for the country store, a bagel and a coffee. This is not steering me in the direction of alkalinity but I'm not brave enough to face my inner PH yet. Addiction monkey satisfied, I force myself down the watershed to the swimming hole. By the time I chug my sore and stiff legs down into the State Park, all of me feels great but my brain stem. Into the creek with all my clothes on, I ride smiling all the way home.

Now I can do it. Thank you very much, Easy Living Foods for the hand crank and the wheat grass trays!! I'm romantic about stainless steel and do it myself so out of the box Miracle Wheat Grass Juicer clamps to the sideboard and I feel like puking when the first drop of green comes out. Acid oh acid why do I worship thee?!

I totally idolize wheat grass. When I'm all PH balanced and my internal flora is happy and well fed, it tastes sweet to me. But I guess this whole me and my health project is a never ending full time job, so I crank along. My cheeks get that twisty sour patch kid feeling when I smell fresh wheat grass  - what is that about? I'll have to ask the supplements gurus. They always know. I love those know it all power nerds at the natural food store. They remember things and they know how the chemical bonds fit together inside my nutrient acquisition system.

I had to cheat again. I mixed my two ounces of wheat G with 12 ounces of coconut water. I'm too far gone. This is easing back into alkaline. Whatever. I got it in me. It's like kids and broccolli - put that ranch dressing on it mama, whatever gets the veggies down! I had a collard wrap for lunch. Now I'm drinking the Amazing Annie cucumber, green apple, ginger water.

Detoxing from my food choices is Little House on the Prairie Brutal. But I'll be bouncy and uncontainable next week if I keep it up. Rock out nutrient heads! Stay off the coffee and drink your greens!!!
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     The Food Safety Modernization Act seeks to reform the nation's Food System, addressing issues that continually come up around the causes of food borne illnesses and dangerous outbreaks. In the interest of public health, some new system is necessary - this bill is in danger of cutting the solution off at the knees.
    The large scale industrialization of food production is the cause of such outbreaks.  Community based Food Systems build relationships between small scale farmers and their neighborhood consumers, enabling consumers to choose their food based on relationships and therefore have direct answers for any concerns that might arise.
    The Food Safety Modernization Act will disrupt the small producers ability to have a direct relationship that provides safety and accountability. The Act provides the FDA with the authority to dictate farming practices which are counter-intuitive to the notions of sustainability and an inter-connectedness with entire eco-systems. The provisions of the Act will impose significant burdens on small farmers.
     Please ask your Senators to adjust the bill to allow local producers to maintain their facilities in accordance with practice that fits the scale of production.
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This is Marin County showing off her bountiful best.